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We stock thousands of fly fishing hooks for all your fly tying needs. Our selection includes top brands like Daiichi, Ahrex, Mustad, Firehole, Tiemco, Hanak, Umpqua, Partridge, Gamakatsu, Fulling Mill, Core and our own J2 Fly Hooks. You can choose from dry fly, nymph, streamer and jig hooks for both saltwater and freshwater flies. If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!

Some of our most popular barbless hooks

Fly Tying Hooks at J. StockardΒ 

Fly tying hooks are used in fly fishing to create artificial flies. These hooks are an essential component in the process of fly tying, where anglers craft their own fly patterns to imitate various insects, baitfish, or other prey items that fish feed on.

There are various hook styles and sizes. The hook styles lend themselves to different types of flies, allowing you to explore assorted types of fly patterns and match your fly tying to your target fish species. Choosing the right type of hook is crucial for the success of a fly fishing expedition, as it directly influences the presentation and effectiveness of the artificial fly.

FAQs About Fly Fishing HooksΒ 

Dry fly hooks are designed to create artificial flies that imitate insects that float on the water's surface. These insects include mayflies, caddisflies, and stoneflies. Dry fly tying hooks typically are made of lighter wire to help the fly float effectively. They often have a shorter shank to mimic the body proportions of adult insects.

Nymph hooks are used for tying flies that imitate crustaceans or juvenile insects, which are an essential part of a fish's diet and can attract them. These hooks frequently have a curved shank and are designed to sink below the water's surface. They often have a heavier wire to help the fly descend.

Streamer hooks are employed for creating flies that imitate larger prey like baitfish, leeches, or crayfish. Streamers are often used to target predatory species. These fly tying hooks typically have a long shank, allowing for the creation of larger and more substantial patterns.

Jig hooks are versatile hooks designed for tying flies that have a jigging or up-and-down motion in the water. Jig-style flies are effective for catching various species, including trout, bass, and panfish.

These fly tying hooks have a bend that angles upward, resembling the shape of a jig hook used in conventional fishing. This design imparts a lifelike action. Jig hooks are often used in nymph patterns but can also be adapted for streamers.

Why Choose J. Stockard for Fly Tying Hooks?

Our selection of fish hooks includes top brands like Mustad, Daiichi, Tiemco, Ahrex, Gamakatsu, Patridge, Fulling Mill, Hanak, Umpqua, and more. In addition to offering all the top fly fishing hook brands, we stock over 200 hook styles to meet all your needs. Our hook selection features both barbed and barbless hooks for dry flies, nymphs, streamers, poppers, jigs, and big game fly fishing. Check out our selection of hooks today!