J2 115 Dry Fly Hook

Size: 10
Pack Size: 50
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Customer Reviews

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Cody C.
Excellent for Parachute Dries

I've been tying flies for over 50 years and have used just about every brand of hook available over that time. I watched the quality and sharpness of hooks improve over the years to the point we are today (no pun intended) where we have the best ever. Although I still use a few different brands, I have come to really appreciate the J2 series of hooks. The J2 115 is my first choice for tying parachute dry flies. I like a 1X long hook for parachutes and this hook has exactly the proportion I like. Plus, I just like the look of the hook in the vise and in the hand. Good hooks at a fair price.

Aaron T.
Very nice dry fly...

Very nice dry fly hook

Really like the Stockard...

Really like the Stockard hooks. Pretty much the only brand of hook I use with a few exceptions only because they don't have a few other styles I like. I have broken one hook in the vise but it's the only one I've broken out of many. But to be fair it was a size 20 and I'm a little heavy handed.
Love the price and hopefully js can keep it low and I'll buy these hooks forever.