Fly Tying Furs: Rabbit, Deer, Fox, Bucktail

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Showing 1 - 24 of 77 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 77 products
Northern BucktailNorthern Bucktail
Hareline Northern Bucktail
Sale priceFrom $9.95
Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"
Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"
Sale priceFrom $3.25
Pine Squirrel Strips Micro 1/16"Pine Squirrel Strips Micro 1/16"
Wapsi Pine Squirrel Strips Micro 1/16"
Sale price$5.25
Rabbit Crosscut Strips, 1/8"Rabbit Crosscut Strips, 1/8"
Hareline Rabbit Crosscut Strips, 1/8"
Sale price$3.25
Rabbit Fur Strips, Magnum 1/4"Rabbit Fur Strips, Magnum 1/4"
Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips, Magnum 1/4"
Sale price$3.25
Calf TailCalf Tail
Hareline Calf Tail
Sale priceFrom $5.15
Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over WhiteDeer Belly Hair Dyed Over White
Hareline Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White
Sale priceFrom $5.45
Arctic Fox Body HairArctic Fox Body Hair
Hareline Arctic Fox Body Hair
Sale price$4.95
Barred Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"Barred Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"
Hareline Barred Rabbit Fur Strips, 1/8"
Sale price$4.95
Micro Rabbit StripsMicro Rabbit Strips
Hareline Micro Rabbit Strips
Sale price$3.25
Pine Squirrel Strips 3/32"Pine Squirrel Strips 3/32"
Wapsi Pine Squirrel Strips 3/32"
Sale price$6.25
Deer Body Hair Dyed Over NaturalDeer Body Hair Dyed Over Natural
Hareline Deer Body Hair Dyed Over Natural
Sale price$4.15
Spinning Deer HairSpinning Deer Hair
Nature's Spirit Spinning Deer Hair
Sale price$4.85
Squirrel TailSquirrel Tail
Hareline Squirrel Tail
Sale priceFrom $5.95
Elk Hair Natural
Hareline Elk Hair Natural
Sale price$3.55
Dyed Grade #1 Hare's MaskDyed Grade #1 Hare's Mask
Hareline Dyed Grade #1 Hare's Mask
Sale price$5.85
Natural Hare's MaskNatural Hare's Mask
Hareline Natural Hare's Mask
Sale priceFrom $3.25
Snowrunner (Nayat) HairSnowrunner (Nayat) Hair
Skeena River Snowrunner (Nayat) Hair
Sale price$12.45
Premo Deer Hair StripsPremo Deer Hair Strips
Hareline Premo Deer Hair Strips
Sale price$15.45
Pine Squirrel Skin, ZonkedPine Squirrel Skin, Zonked
Wapsi Pine Squirrel Skin, Zonked
Sale price$21.95
Snowshoe Rabbit FeetSnowshoe Rabbit Feet
Hareline Snowshoe Rabbit Feet
Sale price$9.95
Coastal Blacktail Deer Body HairCoastal Blacktail Deer Body Hair
Hareline Coastal Blacktail Deer Body Hair
Sale price$3.25
Select Cow ElkSelect Cow Elk
Nature's Spirit Select Cow Elk
Sale price$4.75
Polar Goat HairPolar Goat Hair
Hareline Polar Goat Hair
Sale price$6.95

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