Fly Tying Beads & Eyes

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Showing 1 - 24 of 56 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 56 products
Slotted Tungsten BeadsSlotted Tungsten Beads
Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads
Sale priceFrom $6.65
Tungsten Slot Beads
Wapsi Tungsten Slot Beads
Sale priceFrom $2.95
Tungsten BeadsTungsten Beads
Montana Fly Tungsten Beads
Sale priceFrom $4.75
Save 31%
Fish-Skull Living EyesFish-Skull Living Eyes
Flymen Fishing Fish-Skull Living Eyes
Sale priceFrom $3.09 Regular price$4.45
Tyers Glass BeadsTyers Glass Beads
Hareline Tyers Glass Beads
Sale price$1.85
Painted Lead EyesPainted Lead Eyes
Hareline Painted Lead Eyes
Sale price$3.85
Painted Tungsten Bomb BeadsPainted Tungsten Bomb Beads
Wapsi Painted Tungsten Bomb Beads
Sale priceFrom $2.95
Tungsten Bomb BeadsTungsten Bomb Beads
Wapsi Tungsten Bomb Beads
Sale priceFrom $2.95
Brass Cone Heads
Hareline Brass Cone Heads
Sale price$4.65
Bead Chain EyesBead Chain Eyes
Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes
Sale price$4.35
Brass EyesBrass Eyes
Hareline Brass Eyes
Sale price$4.65
Lead Eyes
Hareline Lead Eyes
Sale price$3.35
Tungsten Cones
Wapsi Tungsten Cones
Sale priceFrom $4.75
Dazzle Brass BeadsDazzle Brass Beads
Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads
Sale price$4.15
Adhesive EyesAdhesive Eyes
Hareline Adhesive Eyes
Sale price$2.25
Heavy Lead Eyes
Hareline Heavy Lead Eyes
Sale price$4.65

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