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Here at J. Stockard, we are always looking for ways to help fly tyers get the information and resources they need and make connections with other fly tyers. Over the years, we've developed a Hook Comparison Chart to help tyers choose the right hook and compare hooks across brands. We've also got a Thread Comparison Chart that helps demystify thread sizes like aught and denier, and a Bead and Hook Chart that helps match bead and hook sizes. And, our Blog contains dozens of fly recipes and useful product information as well.

Here are a few of our most popular resources to check out now -

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Learn About Hook Anatomy

In this blog post, you'll begin to understand the various shapes, components, or parts of a fly hook. ‘Hook Anatomy’, is a great place for any beginner fly tyer to start. You can begin your hook anatomy lesson by downloading our Hook Anatomy Chart here!

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Match Hook & Bead Sizes

This blog post talks about fly tying beads, one of the mot common and versatile components used in fly tying. Matching hook and bead sizing can be challenging. To help choose the right bead size, we developed a Bead & Hook Size Chart. Download it here.

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Tie a New Fly Every Month

Every month, we publish a new blog post with our Fly of the Month (FOM). From dries to streamers to salmon flies, you’ll find something you want to tie! Each post includes the fly recipe, easy to follow tying steps and links to all the materials you need.

Our FOM posts

Find Out All About Fly Tying Thread

We stock over 100 different fly tying threads. No wonder that choosing the right size, material and breaking strength can be daunting, not to mention all the brands and dozens of colors. To help better understand your options and choose the right thread for your particular fly, we developed a detailed Thread Comparison Chart.

Download our Fly Tying Thread Chart here!

Here's Our Hook Comparison Chart

With so many hook brands, styles and sizes to choose from, it
can be hard to sort out how one hook compares to another! That’s why we’ve developed our Hook Comparison Chart that let’s you compare several hook brands and all the top hook styles – dry fly, nymph, streamer, salmon and select specialty

Get our Hook Comparison Chart now!

Connect With Other Fly Fishers


Trout Unlimited

Find your local Trout Unlimited Chapter here!


United Women on the Fly

Connect with other women fly fishers here!


Fly Fishers International

Learn how to become an FFI member here!

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