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Showing 1 - 24 of 249 products
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Bobbin Threader Brass
J. Stockard Bobbin Threader Brass
Sale price$1.58 Regular price$1.95
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Bodkin BrassBodkin Brass
J. Stockard Bodkin Brass
Sale priceFrom $2.28 Regular price$2.75
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Bobbin Stainless
J. Stockard Bobbin Stainless
Sale price$2.28 Regular price$2.75
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Gold Brooch/Hat PinGold Brooch/Hat Pin
Veniard Gold Brooch/Hat Pin
Sale priceFrom $3.28 Regular price$3.95
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Rite BobbinRite Bobbin
Rite Bobbin Rite Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $24.58 Regular price$28.95
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Materelli Style Rotary Whip FinisherMaterelli Style Rotary Whip Finisher
J. Stockard Materelli Style Rotary Whip Finisher
Sale price$3.28 Regular price$3.95
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JS Ceramic Bobbin
J. Stockard JS Ceramic Bobbin
Sale price$7.58 Regular price$8.95
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Dubbing Wax
Wapsi Dubbing Wax
Sale price$4.18 Regular price$4.95
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Scissor 4" Gold Loops
J. Stockard Scissor 4" Gold Loops
Sale price$3.68 Regular price$4.45
Save $1.57
Glass BobbinGlass Bobbin
Dr. Slick Glass Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $7.98 Regular price$9.55
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Save $2.27
Pinza Elite Hackle Plier
Stonfo Pinza Elite Hackle Plier
Sale priceFrom $12.58 Regular price$14.85
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Comb and Brush Tool
Stonfo Comb and Brush Tool
Sale price$7.98 Regular price$9.45
Save $0.67
Ultimate Dubbing BrushUltimate Dubbing Brush
Hareline Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Sale price$3.28 Regular price$3.95
Save $0.97
Hook Hackle Gauge
Griffin Ent. Hook Hackle Gauge
Sale price$4.98 Regular price$5.95
Save $0.47
Wapsi EZEE Hackle PLIER
Sale price$1.98 Regular price$2.45
Save $1.77
Stonfo Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $9.68 Regular price$11.45
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Dubbing Loop Clips Set of 2
Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips Set of 2
Sale price$16.88 Regular price$19.95
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English Hackle PlierEnglish Hackle Plier
J. Stockard English Hackle Plier
Sale priceFrom $1.28 Regular price$1.55
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Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Fly Furniture Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Sale price$48.98 Regular price$57.95
Save $4.07
Elite Disc Drag BobbinElite Disc Drag Bobbin
Stonfo Elite Disc Drag Bobbin
Sale price$22.88 Regular price$26.95
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Material Spring
J. Stockard Material Spring
Sale price$0.78 Regular price$0.95
Save $1.57
Bead Tweezer - BDT
Dr. Slick Bead Tweezer - BDT
Sale price$8.38 Regular price$9.95
Save $0.47
Hackle Plier Non Skid
J. Stockard Hackle Plier Non Skid
Sale price$2.28 Regular price$2.75
Save $0.87
Dubbing Wax
J. Stockard Dubbing Wax
Sale price$4.58 Regular price$5.45
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