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Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer I believe it was in the spring of 1965 and one of my first at... Read more

Simple Flies – CDL BB

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana Adaptation of new materials to old ideas can sometimes foster simplicity in tying but also produce effe... Read more

New Product – Vampire Sheep Hair!

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly When I released Werewolf Hair last year, I had ma... Read more

Fly of the Month – Rusty’s White Knot

J.Stockard Pro Tyer: Joe Jackson, Martinsville, Indiana, Find Joe @:, Joe @ Facebook, Instagram @sgt.bassfisher The Rusty’s... Read more

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