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Bobbin Threader Brass
J. Stockard Bobbin Threader Brass
Sale price$1.58 Regular price$1.95
Save $0.47
Bodkin BrassBodkin Brass
J. Stockard Bodkin Brass
Sale priceFrom $2.28 Regular price$2.75
Save $0.47
Bobbin Stainless
J. Stockard Bobbin Stainless
Sale price$2.28 Regular price$2.75
Save $0.67
Gold Brooch/Hat PinGold Brooch/Hat Pin
Veniard Gold Brooch/Hat Pin
Sale priceFrom $3.28 Regular price$3.95
Save $4.37
Rite BobbinRite Bobbin
Rite Bobbin Rite Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $24.58 Regular price$28.95
Save $0.67
Materelli Style Rotary Whip FinisherMaterelli Style Rotary Whip Finisher
J. Stockard Materelli Style Rotary Whip Finisher
Sale price$3.28 Regular price$3.95
Save $1.37
JS Ceramic Bobbin
J. Stockard JS Ceramic Bobbin
Sale price$7.58 Regular price$8.95
Save $0.77
Dubbing Wax
Wapsi Dubbing Wax
Sale price$4.18 Regular price$4.95
Save $0.77
Scissor 4" Gold Loops
J. Stockard Scissor 4" Gold Loops
Sale price$3.68 Regular price$4.45
Save $1.57
Glass BobbinGlass Bobbin
Dr. Slick Glass Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $7.98 Regular price$9.55
Save $2.27
Pinza Elite Hackle Plier
Stonfo Pinza Elite Hackle Plier
Sale priceFrom $12.58 Regular price$14.85
Save $1.47
Comb and Brush Tool
Stonfo Comb and Brush Tool
Sale price$7.98 Regular price$9.45
Save $0.67
Ultimate Dubbing BrushUltimate Dubbing Brush
Hareline Ultimate Dubbing Brush
Sale price$3.28 Regular price$3.95
Save $0.97
Hook Hackle Gauge
Griffin Ent. Hook Hackle Gauge
Sale price$4.98 Regular price$5.95
Save $0.47
Wapsi EZEE Hackle PLIER
Sale price$1.98 Regular price$2.45
Save $1.77
Stonfo Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $9.68 Regular price$11.45
Save $3.07
Dubbing Loop Clips Set of 2
Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips Set of 2
Sale price$16.88 Regular price$19.95
Save $0.27
English Hackle PlierEnglish Hackle Plier
J. Stockard English Hackle Plier
Sale priceFrom $1.28 Regular price$1.55
Save $8.97
Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Fly Furniture Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Sale price$48.98 Regular price$57.95
Save $4.07
Elite Disc Drag BobbinElite Disc Drag Bobbin
Stonfo Elite Disc Drag Bobbin
Sale price$22.88 Regular price$26.95
Save $0.17
Material Spring
J. Stockard Material Spring
Sale price$0.78 Regular price$0.95
Save $1.57
Bead Tweezer - BDT
Dr. Slick Bead Tweezer - BDT
Sale price$8.38 Regular price$9.95
Save $0.47
Hackle Plier Non Skid
J. Stockard Hackle Plier Non Skid
Sale price$2.28 Regular price$2.75
Save $0.87
Dubbing Wax
J. Stockard Dubbing Wax
Sale price$4.58 Regular price$5.45
Save $0.52
Needle Replacement KitNeedle Replacement Kit
Loon Outdoors Needle Replacement Kit
Sale price$2.48 Regular price$3.00
Save $0.77
Hair Stacker Black HexagonalHair Stacker Black Hexagonal
J. Stockard Hair Stacker Black Hexagonal
Sale priceFrom $4.18 Regular price$4.95
Save $1.02
Swax Dubbing WaxSwax Dubbing Wax
Loon Outdoors Swax Dubbing Wax
Sale price$5.48 Regular price$6.50
Save $0.77
Hook and Hackle Gauge
J. Stockard Hook and Hackle Gauge
Sale price$4.18 Regular price$4.95
Save $1.37
Whip Finisher 4"Whip Finisher 4"
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher 4"
Sale priceFrom $7.58 Regular price$8.95

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J. Stockard Fly Fishing is the go-to place for high-quality fly tying equipment, materials and supplies. Our collection includes well over 10,000 materials, hooks, tools and more, organized to make it easy to find what you want. We offer a comprehensive selection of fly tying materials, including hair and fur, feathers, synthetics, dubbing, thread and anything else you might need to stock your tying bench. Whether you are looking for dry fly hooks, nymphs, barbless, or big game hooks, we have got you covered. We offer fly tying equipment, materials and supplies from the top brands including Hareline, Wapsi, Mustad, Daiichi, TMC, Semperfli, Whiting Farms, Metz and more. Check out our selection today!