Synthetic Fly Tying Materials

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Showing 121 - 144 of 202 products

Showing 121 - 144 of 202 products
Adult Damsel BodyAdult Damsel Body
Hareline Adult Damsel Body
Sale price$2.85
Ultra Dry YarnUltra Dry Yarn
Fulling Mill Ultra Dry Yarn
Sale price$7.95
EP 3-D Minnow FibersEP 3-D Minnow Fibers
Enrico Puglisi EP 3-D Minnow Fibers
Sale price$9.95
Hi-Vis Antron FibersHi-Vis Antron Fibers
Rumpf Hi-Vis Antron Fibers
Sale price$3.15
Flashabou Tubing
Hedron Flashabou Tubing
Sale price$2.85
Flashabou AccentFlashabou Accent
Hedron Flashabou Accent
Sale priceFrom $4.95
Predator9 WormPredator9 Worm
Frozen North FF Predator9 Worm
Sale price$6.85
Scud SkinScud Skin
Fulling Mill Scud Skin
Sale price$4.25
Knotted Hopper Legs
Rainy's Knotted Hopper Legs
Sale price$6.45
Hard Foam Popper Bodies w/ Hooks
Wapsi Hard Foam Popper Bodies w/ Hooks
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Magic Quills
Hareline Magic Quills
Sale price$3.95
Cohen's Frog Legs
Hareline Cohen's Frog Legs
Sale price$6.75
Cheeky UVCheeky UV
Semperfli Cheeky UV
Sale price$4.45
Mini Squiggle WormsMini Squiggle Worms
Hareline Mini Squiggle Worms
Sale price$3.95
SemperFlash Krinkle SolidSemperFlash Krinkle Solid
Semperfli SemperFlash Krinkle Solid
Sale priceFrom $7.55
1/8" Evazote Foam1/8" Evazote Foam
Hareline 1/8" Evazote Foam
Sale price$2.75
SemperFlash KrystalSemperFlash Krystal
Semperfli SemperFlash Krystal
Sale price$7.75
Clear Wing
Hareline Clear Wing
Sale price$1.75
Neer HairNeer Hair
Hareline Neer Hair
Sale price$4.95
Chadwick's 477 Substitute YarnChadwick's 477 Substitute Yarn
Semperfli Chadwick's 477 Substitute Yarn
Sale price$3.25
Dyed Mirage Lateral Scale 1/69 inch
Hedron Dyed Mirage Lateral Scale 1/69 inch
Sale price$6.00
Speckled FlashabouSpeckled Flashabou
Hedron Speckled Flashabou
Sale price$4.95

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