Synthetic Fly Tying Materials

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Showing 25 - 48 of 202 products

Showing 25 - 48 of 202 products
Strung Fuzzy FiberStrung Fuzzy Fiber
Hareline Strung Fuzzy Fiber
Sale price$4.95
Squirmy WormiesSquirmy Wormies
Spirit River Squirmy Wormies
Sale price$2.75
Life FlexLife Flex
Hareline Life Flex
Sale price$3.25
Razor Fly Foam
Wapsi Razor Fly Foam
Sale price$2.55
Supreme HairSupreme Hair
Wapsi Supreme Hair
Sale price$4.95
Hedron PolarFlash
Sale price$4.95
Para Post WingPara Post Wing
Hareline Para Post Wing
Sale price$3.25
Kiley's Nymph SkinsKiley's Nymph Skins
Hareline Kiley's Nymph Skins
Sale price$5.65
Foam Cylinders
Wapsi Foam Cylinders
Sale price$2.45
Caster's Squirmito Worm MaterialCaster's Squirmito Worm Material
Hareline Caster's Squirmito Worm Material
Sale price$4.35
Larva Lace TubingLarva Lace Tubing
Larva Lace Larva Lace Tubing
Sale priceFrom $1.95
Dry Fly PolyyarnDry Fly Polyyarn
Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn
Sale price$4.75
Lateral ScaleLateral Scale
Hedron Lateral Scale
Sale priceFrom $5.75
Furry FoamFurry Foam
Hareline Furry Foam
Sale price$1.95
Ice Wing FiberIce Wing Fiber
Hareline Ice Wing Fiber
Sale price$3.25
Straggle Micro LegsStraggle Micro Legs
Semperfli Straggle Micro Legs
Sale priceFrom $4.25
Baitfish Emulator FlashBaitfish Emulator Flash
Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash
Sale price$6.25
Fluoro FibreFluoro Fibre
Just Add H2O Fluoro Fibre
Sale price$7.25
Standard Z-Lon
Metz Standard Z-Lon
Sale price$7.25
Fish-Skull Faux BucktailFish-Skull Faux Bucktail
Flymen Fishing Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail
Sale price$8.75
Sparkle Emerger YarnSparkle Emerger Yarn
Hareline Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Sale price$3.55
Ice FurIce Fur
Hareline Ice Fur
Sale price$3.95
Otter's Soft Milking EggsOtter's Soft Milking Eggs
Montana Fly Otter's Soft Milking Eggs
Sale price$2.55

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