Straggle Micro Legs

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Customer Reviews

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Paul S.
This stuff is very...

This stuff is very similar to Straggle String but only with longer length fibers to act as legs that are FAR MORE DURABLE than natural fibers... Makes great collars, bodies and thorax's on a lot of patterns with a color pallet to satisfy even the pickiest of fly tyers. This material can be doubled for more bulk on larger fly patterns or coupled with Straggle String and furled together to make (extended or standard) bodies on many fly patterns. A cool tip is to alternate 2 or more colors twisted together or furled for material depth to use under wing cases on nymphs or extended bodies and it can be blended with natural fur like rabbit to subdue color tones. This product makes really nice "Krystal Buggers" (with or without hackle feathers) and other stillwater fly patterns as well. Another tip is to tie in and pull over a stretchy shell back material (like Semperfli's Scud Back) over a wrapped underbody of Straggle legs for a simple and ultra durable caddis larvae or stillwater shrimp/scud... Fabulous product, many uses, highly recommend!!

Caddis S.
I wasn't sure what...

I wasn't sure what to expect with these, but I'm pleasantly surprised. They add are really nice bugginess to nymphs and you need far less than you expect. It's certainly a nice material to experiment with.

Michael G.
Straggle Legs are incredibly...

Straggle Legs are incredibly durable, offer a unique characteristic of combined buggy as well as reflective properties! Great stuff, eager to get out on the water and start fishing this stuff, endlessly adaptable.