Foam Cylinders

Size: 1/4"
Color: black
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Customer Reviews

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Paul S.
These foam cylinders are...

These foam cylinders are super dense! More so than anticipated, which is a good thing for durability and high floatation. Purchased specifically for experimental mouse patterns in 3/4" size, these foam cylinders are exactly what was needed for them. I modified the cylinders by cutting them to shape, 1 cylinder dulled a razor blade, that's how dense the foam is! The finished mouse flies with these cylinders kept floating even after being chewed on by fish and weighted down with other water absorbing materials. I'm very impressed with this product, I will be buying more...

These are what you...

These are what you need when making Bob's Bangers. The foam is robust and seems like it will stand up to a lot of abuse. When making a Banger, just cut one cylinder in half. Hint: a really nice serrated knife, the type with rounded or non-aggressive serrations, works really well when cutting this stuff!

Jack A.
These foam cylinders float...

These foam cylinders float very well and the colors are very brilliant and bright. It is easy to sand to the shape you want to make it into what ever you want. It is a great buy!