Fly Tying Vises, Tools, Accessories & More

Get the most out of your fly tying with the best vises and tools. Having the right fly tying tools is essential to successful fly tying. We carry all the top brands - Regal, Peak, HMH, Dr. Slick, Loon Outdoors - and stock a huge supply of fly tying tools and vises that range from economy to premium so that you can find the right tools for your bench!

fly tying vises and tools

Some of our top selling vises

Save $3.97
Supreme Vise
J. Stockard Supreme Vise
Sale price$17.98 Regular price$21.95
Save $9.97
Rotating Spring Action Vise IIRotating Spring Action Vise II
J. Stockard Rotating Spring Action Vise II
Sale price$39.98 Regular price$49.95
Save $15.97
EZ Rotary Vise
J. Stockard EZ Rotary Vise
Sale priceFrom $63.98 Regular price$79.95
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PEAK Rotary VisePEAK Rotary Vise
PEAK Fishing PEAK Rotary Vise
Sale price$209.95
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Save $9.97
Crown Vise in Black
J. Stockard Crown Vise in Black
Sale price$39.98 Regular price$49.95
Save $2.97
Super AA Vise
J. Stockard Super AA Vise
Sale price$11.98 Regular price$14.95
Save $14.97
EZ Travel ViseEZ Travel Vise
J. Stockard EZ Travel Vise
Sale price$54.98 Regular price$69.95
Save $17.97
Tungsten Carbide Vise
J. Stockard Tungsten Carbide Vise
Sale priceFrom $71.98 Regular price$89.95
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Economy Vise & Tool Kit
J. Stockard Economy Vise & Tool Kit
Sale priceFrom $34.95
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Save $174.97
Transformer ViseTransformer Vise
Stonfo Transformer Vise
Sale price$399.98 Regular price$574.95
Save $44.97
Montana Mongoose ViseMontana Mongoose Vise
Griffin Ent. Montana Mongoose Vise
Sale price$199.98 Regular price$244.95

At J. Stockard, you'll find all the fly tying essentials you need. Our vise and tool collection includes premium fly fishing vises, scissors, body cutters, whip finishers, bobbins, bodkins, and even full fly tying kits. And to help you keep your work zone orderly, we also have fly tying material organizers and holders. All our vise and tool products are sourced from top brands like Regal, Norvise, Wolff, HMH, and Peak Fishing. Browse the products above when you’re ready to upgrade your fly tying workspace.


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