fly tying vises & tools

Get the most out of your fly tying with the best vises and tools. Having a good fly tying bench setup is essential to enjoying your fly tying. We carry all the top brands - Wapsi, Rite Bobbin, Regal, Peak, HMH, Dr. Slick, Norvise, Dyna-King, Loon Outdoors - and stock a huge supply of fly tying vises and tools that range from economy to premium so that you can find the right vise and tools for your bench!

Here at J. Stockard Fly Fishing, we don't compromise when it comes to the products we sell. Whether you're looking for a bobbin, scissors, the best fly tying vises, a fly tying bench kit, or other fly tying tools, we've got you covered!

A comprehensive offering of vises

Our collection includes a broad array of fly tying vises designed to meet various preferences and skill levels. From economy options that deliver reliable performance without breaking the bank to premium vises crafted with precision and innovation, we have a fly tying vise in our selection that fits your fly tying needs.

The best tools and accessories from your favorite brands

Looking for fly tying tools or accessories from a specific manufacturer? Whether you want to buy a fly tying tool kit, scissors, a bobbin threader, or LED lights, you can find what you need here at J. Stockard Fly Fishing. If you're searching for a whip finisher from our economy brand, a hair stacker from Dr. Slick, an ergonomic bobbin, or a disc drag bobbin from Stonfo, we've got you covered!

Find the best fly tying tool kit for you

Our inventory boasts a comprehensive range of tool kits that ensure you have access to everything you need to create exceptional flies. The right tools contribute significantly to the success and enjoyment of your fly tying endeavors, and our selection of kits reflects that commitment. We have kits from Dr. Slick, Loon, Umpqua, Wapsi, Hareline, and even our own J. Stockard branded kits that are an exceptional value.

Lots of fly tying accessories to choose from

J. Stockard Fly Fishing offers a comprehensive range of fly tying products designed to enhance your tying experience and make the process more efficient. Our selection includes various bench accessories and organizers to meet the needs of fly tyers at every skill level. We've got fly tying LED lights, bobbin holders, feather preppers, waste bags, fly tying bench organizers, and more!

Why choose J. Stockard Fly Fishing for a fly tying vise and tools?

At J. Stockard, fly anglers can find all the fly tying essentials could ever need. Our vise and tool collection includes premium fly tying vises, scissors, body cutters, hackle pliers, whip finishers, bobbins, bodkins, and even full fly tying kits. And to help you keep your work zone orderly, we also have fly tying material organizers and holders, as well as bench organizers. Our product selection includes all your favorite brands like Regal, Norvise, Wolff, HMH, Umpqua, Tiemco, Loon Outdoors, and Peak Fishing. We work hard with these suppliers to keep our huge assortment of tools in-stock. Browse the products above when you’re ready to upgrade your fly tying workspace.

Some of our top selling vises

Supreme Vise
J. Stockard Supreme Vise
Sale price$21.95
Rotating Spring Action Vise IIRotating Spring Action Vise II
J. Stockard Rotating Spring Action Vise II
Sale price$49.95
EZ Rotary Vise
J. Stockard EZ Rotary Vise
Sale priceFrom $79.95
Choose options
PEAK Rotary VisePEAK Rotary Vise
PEAK Fishing PEAK Rotary Vise
Sale priceFrom $209.95
Choose options
Crown Vise in Black
J. Stockard Crown Vise in Black
Sale price$49.95
Super AA Vise
J. Stockard Super AA Vise
Sale price$14.95
Tungsten Carbide Vise
J. Stockard Tungsten Carbide Vise
Sale priceFrom $89.95
Choose options
EZ Travel ViseEZ Travel Vise
J. Stockard EZ Travel Vise
Sale price$69.95
Economy Vise & Tool KitEconomy Vise & Tool Kit
J. Stockard Economy Vise & Tool Kit
Sale priceFrom $34.95
Medallion Vise HeadMedallion Vise Head
Regal Vises Medallion Vise Head
Sale priceFrom $155.95
Choose options
Revolution Vise HeadRevolution Vise Head
Regal Vises Revolution Vise Head
Sale priceFrom $213.95
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Montana Mongoose ViseMontana Mongoose Vise
Griffin Ent. Montana Mongoose Vise
Sale price$244.95