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Showing 1 - 24 of 42 products
Glass BobbinGlass Bobbin
Dr. Slick Glass Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $9.55
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Bead Tweezer
Dr. Slick Bead Tweezer
Sale price$9.95
Hair StackerHair Stacker
Dr. Slick Hair Stacker
Sale priceFrom $18.95
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Whip Finisher 4"Whip Finisher 4"
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher 4"
Sale priceFrom $8.95
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Arrow Scissors 3 1/2"
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ECO Bobbin 4"
Dr. Slick ECO Bobbin 4"
Sale price$5.95
Ceramic BobbinCeramic Bobbin
Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $15.95
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Razor All Purpose Scissors 4"Razor All Purpose Scissors 4"
MicroTip Arrow Scissors 3 1/2"
Hair Scissors 4 1/2"
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Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer
Bodkin 5" w/ Half Hitch Tool
Bobbin Threader 5 1/2"Bobbin Threader 5 1/2"
ECO Arrow Scissors 3 1/2"
MicroTip All Purpose Scissors 4"MicroTip All Purpose Scissors 4"
Bishop Tweezer 4"Bishop Tweezer 4"
Dr. Slick Bishop Tweezer 4"
Sale price$9.95
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Tungsten Carbide Arrow Scissors 3 1/2"
Tungsten Carbide All Purpose Scissors 4"
Hook FileHook File
Dr. Slick Hook File
Sale priceFrom $11.95
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Hackle PliersHackle Pliers
Dr. Slick Hackle Pliers
Sale priceFrom $6.95
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Barb Plier
Dr. Slick Barb Plier
Sale price$15.25
ECO Clamps 5"ECO Clamps 5"
Dr. Slick ECO Clamps 5"
Sale price$7.95
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ECO All Purpose Scissors 4"

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