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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
HMH TRV Rotary Vise
HMH HMH TRV Rotary Vise
Sale price$596.95
Standard Vise
HMH Standard Vise
Sale price$449.95
CX Crossover Vise
HMH CX Crossover Vise
Sale price$424.95
Spartan ViseSpartan Vise
HMH Spartan Vise
Sale price$299.95
Tube Vise Converter
HMH Tube Vise Converter
Sale price$98.95
Premium Tube Fly ToolPremium Tube Fly Tool
HMH Premium Tube Fly Tool
Sale price$68.95
Universal Tube Fly Method KitUniversal Tube Fly Method Kit
HMH Universal Tube Fly Method Kit
Sale price$66.95
Interchangeable JawsInterchangeable Jaws
HMH Interchangeable Jaws
Sale price$63.95
Starter Tube Fly Tool
HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool
Sale price$47.95
Profile Plate
HMH Profile Plate
Sale price$38.95
Bobbin Rest
HMH Bobbin Rest
Sale price$38.95
Small Poly Tubes
HMH Small Poly Tubes
Sale price$7.49
Large Poly TubesLarge Poly Tubes
HMH Large Poly Tubes
Sale price$7.49
Coneheads for Tubes
HMH Coneheads for Tubes
Sale price$5.95
Plastic Cut-to-Length Tubing
HMH Plastic Cut-to-Length Tubing
Sale price$5.49
Small Hook Holder Tubing
HMH Small Hook Holder Tubing
Sale priceFrom $3.49
Large Hook Holder Tubing
HMH Large Hook Holder Tubing
Sale priceFrom $3.49

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