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Rethinking the Indicator

Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller and OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller.

I think I use nymph patterns more than all other fly types combined; somehow I like the idea of them. And yet, like many others equally obstinate, I’ve been reluctant to adopt the indicator rig as my go-to nymphing technique. Something about suspending the fly below a bobber and letting it dead-drift seems to spoil the appeal for me. I’d much rather “work” the fly, and watch the line, and feel the take. I really just like the idea better, no two ways about it and nothing more complicated or defensible than that.

And so when I read comments from “The Masters” that while indicators will increase the fish brought to net and will bring a fisherman into proficiency faster, they will also delay a fisherman’s arrival at true expertise, I always opt to take that advice–I always seem to wave that as my excuse for not tying some thing-a-ma-balloon onto my leader. more…