foamanizer fly tying bench organizer

We are excited to introduce a new product from Hareline, theย Foamanizer modular fly tying bench organization system.

Hareline developed the Foamanizer system to help you organize your fly tying bench. Made of light-weight foam, the Foamanizer has several modules designed to hold and organize your fly ting beads, fly hooks, tools, tying thread, resins and glues. It comes in multiple sizes and can be configured to fit any modest-sized fly tying bench or a huge custom bench as well!

Different modules are available separately for the system depending on your needs.

Check out the video at the bottom of this post to see a hands-on unboxing of the Foamanizer, with J. Stockard Pro Tyers John & Katie Demuth. Check them out on YouTube and Instagram!

Foamanizer Components

The Foamanizer Bead & Hook Module includes tubes or cups to hold various items like beads, hooks, dubbing, or small flies. There is also a Large Tube Module that comes with cups to hold larger items. Just remember when it refers to tubes they mean cups.

There is a Thread Module with 12" rods just for your thread. A different module has room for tools and spools of thread. You can buy the rods separately for your modules as well. The dimensions for each module are included in the descriptions of the products.

There is a Magnetic Fly Umbrella that you can place on a rod to hang flies. There is also a Fly Hammock that is a bead chain between two rods that you can use to hang flies.

Pieces like the Extender, Spacers, and Riser can be used to piece your modules together if you wish. The Riser can be used to place your module in a stadium type of configuration. Foamanizer Junctions can also be used to connect modules together.

Now that you know the parts of the system, I encourage you to look at photos and videos to see what the modules are capable of. It is a nice organizational system that can grow or can be used in a smaller configuration.

Foamanizer Spool & Tool Modules

Other Foamanizer Modules

Foamanizer Fly Holders

Foamanizer Expansion & Connection Parts

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