Dry Fly 1/2 Saddle - bronze

by: Whiting Farms | Item#: NM-630140-0000
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Whiting Farms Dry Fly 1/2 Saddle - bronze
quantity Color your price
barred dark ginger $50.35
dyed black $50.35
brown $50.35
natural dun $50.35
furnace $50.35
grizzly / coachman brown $50.35
grizzly / olive $50.35
grizzly $50.35
dyed medium dun $50.35
medium ginger $50.35
dyed brown $50.35
dyed coachman brown $50.35
white $50.35
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Whiting Dry Fly hackle sets the industry standard, and the bronze grade 1/2 saddle provides excellent value for your fly tying dollar with enough hackle to tie at least 250 flies. Feather size is a range from 12 to 18, with predominantly sizes 14 and 16. Brown may be dyed if the natural is unavailable; other colors are natural unless specified as dyed. The new barred dark ginger color is an excellent substitute for hard-to-find cree.

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Whiting Saddles

Reviewer: from Mena, AR US

I've always used Metz saddles and capes. Recently I decided to order a Whiting bronze saddle to see if they were worth the few extra dollars. My saddle was on back-order for some time, but let me tell you...it was worth the wait. If you're looking for incredibly long, smaller stiffed-barbed hackle feathers, you'll love these saddles. Some of these feathers are at least 17 inches long with virtually no web or waste. You can tie half-dozen flies with one feather. If their capes are this good, suffice to say, from now on, I'm going with Whiting.

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Great Saddle!

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT US

If you're in the market for a cape and you want to keep your costs within reason, this is definitely a good choice. Whiting bronze 1/2 saddles provide a huge value if you can work with the somewhat limited size range of a saddle. Most of the feathers are well over a foot long and they look great on dry flies. I was a bit reluctant to purchase the dyed furnace color online, having never seen one in person, but it's true to form.

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Bronze 1/2 saddle

Reviewer: from Hurricane WV

I have brought three different saddles. This is my first bronze 1/2 saddle. I am well pleased with the color and the amount of hackle you get for the money. I don’t believe this will be my last. Thanks again.

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great pelts

Reviewer: from Weaverville, NC US

I recently purchased this saddle. It ties great flies. I recomend these to everybody that ties drys. You really get what you pay for in these pelts.

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Awesome product!

Reviewer: from Belgrade, MT

Whiting Farms is second to none. Great hackle to work with and of the highest quality.

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