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Showing 25 - 48 of 270 products
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Dubbing Wax
J. Stockard Dubbing Wax
Sale price$4.36 Regular price$5.45
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Needle Replacement KitNeedle Replacement Kit
Loon Outdoors Needle Replacement Kit
Sale price$2.40 Regular price$3.00
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Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Fly Furniture Cyclone Dubbing Brush Tool
Sale price$46.36 Regular price$57.95
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Swax Dubbing WaxSwax Dubbing Wax
Loon Outdoors Swax Dubbing Wax
Sale price$5.20 Regular price$6.50
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Balanced Fly Pins
Hareline Balanced Fly Pins
Sale price$3.96 Regular price$4.95
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Whip Finisher 4"Whip Finisher 4"
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher 4"
Sale priceFrom $7.16 Regular price$8.95
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Chernobyl Style Tapered End Foam Body CutterChernobyl Style Tapered End Foam Body Cutter
River Road Creations Chernobyl Style Tapered End Foam Body Cutter
Sale priceFrom $13.16 Regular price$16.45
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Dubbing Spinner Set of 3 Heads, with Hair Packer
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Hair Stacker Black HexagonalHair Stacker Black Hexagonal
J. Stockard Hair Stacker Black Hexagonal
Sale priceFrom $3.96 Regular price$4.95
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Ceramic BobbinCeramic Bobbin
Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin
Sale priceFrom $12.76 Regular price$15.95
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Ceramic Zirconia Dubbing RakeCeramic Zirconia Dubbing Rake
Hareline Ceramic Zirconia Dubbing Rake
Sale price$31.96 Regular price$39.95
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Bobbin ThreaderBobbin Threader
Stonfo Bobbin Threader
Sale price$5.96 Regular price$7.45
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Bead Sizer and Measuring Ruler
Spirit River Bead Sizer and Measuring Ruler
Sale price$6.60 Regular price$8.25
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ECO Bobbin 4"
Dr. Slick ECO Bobbin 4"
Sale price$4.76 Regular price$5.95
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Hackle TweezerHackle Tweezer
Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Tweezer
Sale price$9.24 Regular price$11.55
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Razor Holder for Trimming
Stonfo Razor Holder for Trimming
Sale price$28.76 Regular price$35.95
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Wonder Wax
Overton's Wonder Wax
Sale price$11.96 Regular price$14.95
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CDC Feather Folding Block
Stonfo CDC Feather Folding Block
Sale price$7.96 Regular price$9.95

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