Tungsten Carbide All Purpose Scissors 4"

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Customer Reviews

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Paul S.
These scissors are extremely...

These scissors are extremely sharp! I've had them for a few years now with heavy usage (I tie hundreds of flies a year) and they are still not showing any signs of dulling. They're used for everything tying and the only scissors I have on my desk. I've even dropped them a time or 2 with no signs of damage. At a tying show recently while doing a tying demo, I accidently dropped them. Using my quick reflexes, I caught them between my legs before they hit the ground. However, instead of a gentle catch, I impaled them into my calf instead... The blades easily pierced through my pants and sock and embedded themselves 1/4"+ into my calf with little effort causing a nice little puncture wound. Within seconds there was enough blood pooling to make the qweezy faint. Talk about embarrassing and thank goodness for superglue! Anyway, these scissors are extremely sharp! Some of the black paint on the handle of my pair is finally wearing through after a couple of years, but other than that, I have more than got my money's worth from these scissors and they're still going strong! When the time comes to replace them, I will definitely be buying another set of these. They're the best tying scissors I've ever used, hands down! Just have to let them fall next time I drop them...

These scissors are my...

These scissors are my go to! Super sharp and last longer than the standard material.

Art H.
I had been using...

I had been using a pair of beginner scissors until i upgraded my bench last fall. What a difference in cutting sharpness and capability. I can get closer and neater cuts with these scissors, definitely worth the money to upgrade.