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Guest Blogger: John Satkowski, J. Stockard Pro Tyer and Anadromous Prostaff member.

Fly tyers are a funny bunch, we all have our favorite brands that we can be fiercely loyal to. I have tried several top fly tying tool companies and some were really nice and some did not live up to the hype. Recently, I picked up some fly tying scissors from Anadromous Fly Company and really put them through the paces. I was more than pleased with the results and the price point on these tools is affordable to any tyer at any skill level. I torture tested these scissors, cutting things that would make most fly tyers faint and they held up without fail. Let’s take a look at some of their models and their uses.

General Purpose Fly Tying Scissors - Straight Blade

Along with a vise and bobbin, a simple pair of fly tying scissors are all you really need to get started. The basic straight fly tying scissors are perfect for thread and material cutting and everyday use. I used these scissors to cut bead chain, Beadalon articulation wire, and then thread and deer hair and they remained razor sharp. The tungsten carbide serrated blades took a beating and still cut tough thread like 100 denier gsp thread like butter. These scissors are a great everyday use scissor and perfect for tyers just starting out and seasoned tyers alike. They come in both 3.5” and 4” size models.

Arrow Point Fly Tying Scissors - Curved Blade

These scissors are absolutely amazing. I love the curved blade on these for any kind of deer hair work or cutting foam at angles for really nice terrestrial patterns. I personally do not use a razor blade to trim deer hair bugs so having a nice sharp pair of scissors like the arrow points allow me to cut nice angles and smooth tapers. I also used these blades to cut a bunch of really heavy mono for weedguards and then went back to making clean, precise cuts on deer hair and they performed beautifully. You can pick these up in 3.5” and 4” sizes as well.

Razor Fly Tying Scissors

The razor scissors are the cream of the crop when cutting hair, softer materials, and synthetics. One of the best uses I found for this model is trimming materials even when they are inserted in a dubbing loop. I use arctic fox a lot when making dubbing loops and because of its softness can be a little difficult to cut and moves in the loop. These scissors cut straight through and did not move the hair at all due to the extremely sharp tungsten carbide blades. I cut deer hair, arctic fox hair, and synthetics such as Fuzzy Fiber and ultrahair with ease. The razor scissors also has a tension nob that you can use to alter your cuts and snips with ease. These are amazing scissors and come in 4” and 5” length.

About Anadromous Fly Company

With some other brands costing up to $50.00 and beyond, it can be tough finding quality tools at an affordable price. Anadromous tools are easy on the wallet and are tougher than any of the other tools I have used. I do all kinds of crazy things on the vise and not having to worry about your tools failing you is worth its weight in gold. You can check out their website at for custom color scissors, other tying and fishing tools, and much more.

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Larry Dame

Larry Dame

How did they fit to keep in your hand while tying? Are the loop handles comfortable and large enough? I like to try scissors for fit before purchasing.

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