Pine Squirrel Skin, Zonked

by: Wapsi | Item#: NM-770037-0000
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Wapsi Pine Squirrel Skin, Zonked
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black $19.95
brown $19.95
fl. chartreuse $19.95
light olive $19.95
natural $19.95
olive $19.95
crawdad orange $19.95
purple $19.95
leech red $19.95
rust $19.95
sculpin olive $19.95
tan $19.95
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Wapsi's pine squirrel skins are soft tanned and dyed over natural in great colors. The short, dense and barred hair will allow you to tie smaller versions of strip flies. The strips are 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch wide and cut from the tail up to the neck of the hide, about 5-7 inches.

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One of Wapsi's best products.

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The price may seem a little steep at first for one of these excellent skins, but if you take that step and order one you'll be more than satisfied.

I use these exclusively for my Slumpbuster, as do most people, and there's a reason for this. This stuff has a movement and look that sets it apart for rabbit zonker strips. The slightly stiffer hair and movement is easily offset by the amazing color and patterning on the squirrel strips. You also get a large amount of bang for your buck and buying a whole skin is a far, far better investment than buying them by the pack. You also get a variety of widths with the full Zonked skin. This may be good or bad depending on who you ask, but I like the variety as I can use certain widths for certain things.

The dyed colors are exactly what you'd expect from Wapsi, they're vibrant and consistent. These zonked squirrels make an excellent alternative for Zonkers and leeches, they're perfect for sculpin and crayfish patterns, and they're the go to material for Barr's Slumpbuster. I've also seen people use them in a dubbing loop and I've been considering cutting some up to try a custom dubbing blend. Try this product out, you will NOT be sorry you did.

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Great for Slumpbuster's

Reviewer: from NEW BRAUNFELS, TX USA

This is some great stuff for making smaller streamers. I use mostly the olive's, chartreuse, and black for Barr's Slumpbuster, and it works really well. Easy to use and you get a lot in one package.

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awesome for small streamers

Reviewer: from montrose, co

Awesome material for small streamers. make perfect small leech patterns.

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Works great for palmering

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

The strips on this are very thin and works very well for palmering small flies. I use this for a size 10 pattern that does well on panfish and bass.

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Great product

Reviewer: from Little Rock, Arkansas

I like to use this product instead of rabbit on most flies - especially smaller flies. Buying the entire skin that is already cut is much more economical than buying the small packages.

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