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by: River Road Creations | Item#: OF-901575-0000
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River Road Creations Complete Cutter Sets
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STP Frog Foam Body $59.95
Stonefly Wing $59.95
Mayfly Wing $58.35
Chernobyl Tapered End Foam Body $49.95
Caddis Wing $59.95
Bonefish / Permit Crab Foam Body $59.95
Hopper Wing $56.95
Damsel / Dragonfly Body $49.95
Hopper / Caddis / Ant Body $56.95
Chernobyl Round End Body $49.95
Capt. Blado's Crease Fly - Freshwater $68.95
Capt. Blado's Crease Fly - Saltwater $69.95
Crawfish / Shrimp Shellback $44.95
Beavertail Body $49.95
Beetle Foam Body $52.95
Spent Stonefly Wing $49.95
Universal Bug Body $53.75
Hopper Leg $49.95
Universal Bug Wing $59.95
Czech Nymph / Scud $49.95
Supreme Hopper Matched Set - size 4 $44.95
Supreme Hopper Matched Set - size 6 $44.95
Supreme Hopper Matched Set - size 8 $44.95
Supreme Hopper Matched Set - size 10 $44.95
Supreme Hopper Matched Set - size 12 $44.95
Mayfly Foam Body Cutter $52.45
Stonefly Foam Body Cutter $52.45
Floating Minnow Head Cutter $55.55
Gary Krebs' Baitfish Series $74.95
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Experienced fly tyers strive for efficiency and consistency, which is a challenge when you're cutting bodies or wings. Wouldn't it be great to have something like a cookie cutter, in the shapes that fly tyers need? Now you can, with these cutters from River Road Creations! Available in many shapes and sizes that fly tyers need most, the cutters will let you turn out dozens of consistent wings and bodies in no time with minimal waste. Each set includes cutters of all the sizes that River Road Creations makes, a special case and a hard foam cutting board. Cutter sets which are special order items (marked ** above) take up to 2 weeks to ship.


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Great Hopper Flies

Reviewer: from Fayetteville, NC US

This is so cool. Makes amazing hoppers, they are so life like and are very easy to assemble. The cutters work perfectly, and are so easy to use. Used these flies in Wyoming on the brookies and the browns in the Big Horn Mountains. They ate them like they were going out of style.

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