Master Dubbing Twister

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Customer Reviews

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Steve H.
Great tool, but some have issues

OK, first, the instructions did warn that the tender thread would be a problem (my words). I found that less then slick thread, and/or tender thread would indeed break. Normally it would break at the hooks. I found that the hooks had rough edges on them. It appears as if it is from the paint. I took my rotary tool (aka Dremel) and used the fine tapered stone to work the edges. I then used a tapered ceramic polishing stone followed up with the polishing felt tip and red rouge. It did a good job and unless you have a heavy hand it works as well as advertised in every way. It is apparent that only a few are rough, but, if yours is, and you have the tools, and are careful, the above method will work for you. For very fine or tender thread I still advise you use one of your old favorites from before.

Ben W.

The hooks have sharp edges and will cut tying threads! You can get away with GSP or thicker threads (210D maybe) but this is not good for your regular #16 Hare's Ear when you use thinner threads.

Nicholas G.
Beautiful. Nicely weighted. Clever...

Beautiful. Nicely weighted. Clever to have a clamp as the hook. My only complaint (minor) is that the handle is a tad too narrow. Still great, go-to for twisted chenilles and hackles.