Mayfly Wing Burners - set of 3 tools

by: J. Stockard | Item#: OF-900560-0000
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Balanced Mayfly wings are easily formed by placing a feather between the two leaves of the tweezers and burning the outer edges. These burners are 3 5/8 inch long, made of solid brass sheet and come in a set of 3 sizes.

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Try these for Poly Yarn wings

Reviewer: from State College, PA US

I recently read Lloyd Gonzales' book on fishing pressured waters. In his book he presents a method of burning poly yarn to make mayfly, caddis, or stone fly wings. Once I got the hang of the technique using these burners I absolutely love it. It is a cheap, and visually pleasing method. Try it and I think you will like it to. As far as the wing burners, they worked fine, the edges didn't match up perfectly, but I just sanded them a little to get them matching up better, though I'm not sure it changes there performance at all. I haven't tried using feathers with them yet, but I'm sure they will work fine on those as well as the poly.

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Good as an alternative

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

If you into burning your wings this tool will satisfy you. I use it to burn feathers that fall short of qualifying for wings without burning. Someone gave me a very bad quality grizzly hen neck and I burned some usable adams wings from it. Overall its a fun toy. Haven't tried it with synthetics yet, when I do it will be outside!

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Reviewer: from State college pa

I loved these i use them all the time and tie my best mayflys with the most perfect wings a necessity for every fly tyier

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Price is good

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, PA US

These will work fine and for the price they are a good deal.

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