Polar Chenille

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-700250-0000
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Hareline Polar Chenille
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fuchsia $3.95
hot orange $3.95
hot pink $3.95
olive brown $3.95
olive $3.95
purple $3.95
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root beer $3.95
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This fly tying chenille has long, loose translucent fibers that undulate in the water like marabou. Great material for saltwater, trout, steelhead, salmon, and warm water patterns. UV colors have long UV fibers that catch ultraviolet light and make the chenille iridescent. 5 yards per package. Fibers are approx. 1" long.

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A great New material for Salmon Flies

Reviewer: from South Burlington, VT US

I stumbled on this material on Kodiak Island where it is the prime ingredient in a Pink Salmon fly called the "Pink Revolution". Now Pink's are not very choosy but this material made an absolute killer fly! It outfished the traditional Pink Salmon flies by 3:1. At a favorite remote location this past August with loads of bright Pinks around my son and I each caught over 150 Pinks in a single day. The Pink Revolution fly is a simple ty with a pink marabou tail with polar chenille palmered to a brass beaded head. Inamoured with the simplicity and effectiveness of the fly I tied combo's mixing puple and chartrusse in. The result was a deadly pattern for Chum salmon a much more selective species. I'm now adapting the material for simple versions of my favorite fall Atlantic Salmon patterns the Aly's Shrimp and General Practisioner I'll be trying them in October and I'll report back the results..........

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Great Material to work with

Reviewer: from CALGARY, AB CAN

I made a bunch of leech streamers using this material and it worked great. The trout really seemed to key off of the sparkle and the natural movement in the water. Will be buying more once I run out. Tight lines.

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Great Streamer Material

Reviewer: from Pinehurst, ID US

This product is awesome for tying up any sort of minnow pattern that you can think or. Play with the colors a little bit, even doing some weaving of different colors. Great option.

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This stuff is awesome

Reviewer: from NJ, USA

I love this stuff. My favorite use is for any streamer which calls for a underbody palmered with Schlappen or saddle hackles. With Polar Chenille you get both the underbody and the hackle all in one. I almost never hackle my Peanut Envys anymore.

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Good product.

Reviewer: from Missouri

I like to use the red in the gill area of big streamers. It also makes a good underbody.

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