Freshwater Leader - Supple Butt

by: Frog Hair | Item#: LL-255010-0000
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Frog Hair Freshwater Leader - Supple Butt
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9.5' 7X / 2.8 lb. $5.95 $2.99
9.5' 3X / 8.5 lb. $5.95 $2.99
9.5' 2X / 11.1 lb. $5.95 $2.99
9.5' 1X / 13.1 lb. $5.95 $2.99
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The supple butt section of this leader allows tighter loops when casting. The specially treated copolymer nylon has superior knot strength, built-in shock resistance, has the highest strength-to-diameter ratio in the market, is extra supple and incredibly tough. Perfection loop makes rigging easy. Lengths of 7.5' and 9.5'.

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