6/0 Flymaster Thread Waxed

by: Danville | Item#: TW-006062-0000
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Danville 6/0 Flymaster Thread Waxed
quantity Color your price
adams gray (charcoal) $1.95
beige $1.95
black $1.95
brown $1.95
cream $1.95
dark brown $1.95
fl. fire orange $1.95
fl. green $1.95
fl. orange $1.95
fl. red (hot pink) $1.95
fl.pink (shrimp) $1.95
fl. yellow chartreuse $1.95
gray $1.95
pale yellow $1.95
light olive $1.95
olive (lt. brown) $1.95
orange $1.95
peacock green $1.95
red $1.95
tan $1.95
white $1.95
wine $1.95
yellow $1.95
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Danville's best all-round thread for dry flies. Has been measured at just under 80 denier and a breaking strength of 16 oz. 200 yd. spools.

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Great thread, great buy

Reviewer: from CLARKSTON, WA USA

In the past I tied mostly with Uni threads. Recently, I have gone to Benecchi and Gordon Griffith's threads for trout flies. I picked up a spool of Danville Flymaster in brown to tie some Serendipities, and was amazed at how strong, smooth and thin this thread goes on the hook. Uni has recently gone to 50-yard spools at the same price they used to charge for 200 yards. The Danville thread is 200 yards at a lower price, so I will definitely be stocking up on several favorite colors.

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Soft for your vise, heavy in the river

Reviewer: from Soria, Soria / Spain ES

A great thread. It's really easy to tie, very soft and with natural colours, and it's almost impossible to break it even if it touches the hook point. It can be used for wet flies, but i think it's better for small dries thanks to the wax, that avoid sinking. Dark colours are great for april and september. Eggshell, yellows and cahill are perfect for 'ephemeras' in may, june, july and august. And olives are allways great, the 'joker' of your tying materials. The length it's also very good for the price and it worths each penny (in my country, euros, hehe). Once wet, the colours darken a bit, but it mantains a natural looking... and sometimes it fishes better. I bougth 11 colours... and i will repeat soon with more.

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Great All Around Thread

Reviewer: from GREENVILLE, SC USA

The Danville 6/0 is a great all around thread for tying smaller trout flies and other patterns. Lays flat with minimal build up and it's easy to work with.

I really wish Danville would print the thread color on their labels like UNI does, but this is a great thread for the money!

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My favorite thread

Reviewer: from West Valley City, UT US

I'm a novice and just acquired my first spool of Danville thread and I'm really impressed. I needed a spool of black in the 70 denier range and had been having a lot of breakage with the brand I was using. This stuff is strong but fine and I feel like it's really easy to control. I'll be purchasing a lot more of this stuff!

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Old standard; great thread; lies flat. Color confusion.

Reviewer: from Chicago, IL

Excellent thread that I have been tying with for a long time, it lies very flat on the hook. The light wax is helpful. My only complaint is that the J.Stockard color terms are not consistent with the Danville factory terms. For example, light cahill and adams grey. I am assuming these are Danville charcoal (#135) and pale yellow (#4). But for the less experienced this is confusing. This may not be a problem for some. Perhaps a parenthesis in J.Stockard's listing would resolve. 4.5 stars.

Note from J. Stockard: Thanks for the comment. We’ve updated our color names to match Danville exactly.

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