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Customer Reviews

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Cole L.
My flies have turned...

My flies have turned out way better after getting this

john k.
For the price you...

For the price you can't beat Stonfo tools....the black
and white backdrop could be made from better material....outside of that its a well made piece .

Pete G.
I've had the problem...

I've had the problem of finding a profile plate that connects to the DanVise stem. Not any more, with this item from Stonfo. The hole in the connector is wide enough for the 10mm vise stem with some room to spare. Pros: It has black AND white, easily "flippable" (changeable) between the two backgrounds, infinitely positionable. Cons: The stem they provide to mount the plate on slips in the connector if you don't really crank down on it with the thumb screw. That's ok, because the height of the thing is such that you can stand it up on the desktop and support it with the arm, but I've just learned to crank down on that thumb screw. Also, it's a glorified plastic piece of posterboard with a magnet on the back for connection, when you get right down to it. It's kind of flimsy. If you have posterboard lying around, or feel like saving a few bucks go buy some, you could simply make a sheet of posterboard backdrop and prop it up and then save yourself 20-something bucks. Is this product an improvement versus plain posterboard? You betcha. Ease of use and the fact that it is already put together for you, coupled with the spacious size of the plate, outweighs the fact that it could be MacGyvered. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.