Squirrel Skin, Pine

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Customer Reviews

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Rich M.
the hide I received...

the hide I received was excellent. very thick with long guard hairs.

Price is quite high...

Price is quite high but if you don't hunt its justified. If you do hunt id suggest using your own because of the price.

Pete G.
I, too, was skeptical...

I, too, was skeptical with the price, but these hides / pelts are very well tanned, and my red fox squirrel pelt measured 15 and 3/8ths inches long, and 7 and 3/4ths inches wide. It isn't a small pelt, it lasts quite a long time. The belly hair of the red fox squirrel is supple and soft and blends well in dubbing mixes, or dubs well on its own. The back of the red fox squirrel is just a touch more rigid than, say, rabbit, and makes great tails for nymphs as huge as size, oh, even 2, all the way down to 18 or so. I suppose it could go smaller, but I've never dared it. I use these primarily to tie Red fox squirrel nymphs in the Dave Whitlock style (per his DVD collection's 3rd volume, highly recommended, that speaks strictly to red fox squirrel nymphs). Regardless, this product is worth the price, due to the amount of material you get, and due to the quality of that material. I highly recommend you try this, if you like fishing nymphs of any bug variety, or like making your own dubbing for nymphs.