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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Tungsten BeadsTungsten Beads
Montana Fly Tungsten Beads
Sale priceFrom $4.75
Centipede LegsCentipede Legs
Montana Fly Centipede Legs
Sale price$3.45
Otter's Soft Milking EggsOtter's Soft Milking Eggs
Montana Fly Otter's Soft Milking Eggs
Sale price$2.55
Montana Fly Z-Yarn
Sale price$1.75
Sparkle Dumbbell EyesSparkle Dumbbell Eyes
Montana Fly Sparkle Dumbbell Eyes
Sale price$4.25
Buggerbou Mini Barred 2"Buggerbou Mini Barred 2"
Montana Fly Buggerbou Mini Barred 2"
Sale price$6.45
Barred Ostrich PlumeBarred Ostrich Plume
Montana Fly Barred Ostrich Plume
Sale price$6.95

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