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John H.
I have had an...

I have had an HMH standard vise for about 12 years and have been very happy with it. I have never had any problems with this vise, it just keeps going. Recently purchased a second for my wife so we can tie together.

This is one great...

This is one great vise! Well built, high quality, and dependable! Wish I had purchased one sooner!

Bob B.
I intended to review...

I intended to review this vise after I had tied awhile on it. However, there are some features I wanted to share that I found worthy of a review now. I finally ordered the HMH Standard from J. Stocking during the recent sale after years and years of deliberation whether I really wanted it. Some 30 years ago, my mentor used exclusively an HMH and tied commercially. But I was more captivated by the rotary vises then. Later, I accumulated a number of different vises and I was satisfied with their performance. My travel vise has been the lightweight, original Renzetti Traveler, which I later upgraded the head with a cam operation. My bench vise has been either a Dyna-King Barracuda Junior, a Peak, or a Regal. What has always interested me in the HMH vise was the micro jaw, which ties down to #32 hooks. So, when I found myself tying flies in the #22 - #24 range, I ordered the HMH Standard and a micro jaw. Although it is a rotary, it's not an in-line rotary. But that really doesn't matter for many of the flies I tie. The rotary is smooth and allows a full inspection of the fly. What struck me as I began to use this vise was the overall quality. It's a simple design, but heavy in stock and precise in its engineering and workmanship. Moreover, adjustments are quite easy to manage. The written instructions are clear and easy to follow. HMH even has a helpful video on its website. Once an adjustment is made, it stays in place with no slippage, which should be a prime consideration for selecting a vise. The HMH grips a hook like grim death. Yes, the HMH is a keeper. And I have yet to use the micro jaw, which attracted me to this vise in the first place.