Clouser's Half and Half Variant

J.Stockard Pro Tyers: John and Katie Demuth of Kingsport TN, Find Demuth Fly Fishing @:


This is a fly originally designed by Bob Clouser as is obvious by the name. This is how Bob himself describes the fly.

“A combination of the two most effective flies we ever used; the rear is Lefty’s Deceiver and the front portion is a Clouser Minnow. A proven big fish fly especially for big bass and stripers or saltwater species. All with epoxy protected heads, metallic eyes and appropriate flash material.”

This is a very well known fly that J.Stockard Pros John and Katie Demuth recently spent some time on and showed how they tie their version on the Whiting Farms Facebook page.

How to Tie Clouser's Half and Half Variant

Clouser's Half and Half Materials List

Hook – Ahrex SA 220 size 1
Thread – Semperfli 6/0 Classic Waxed Thread – Fluorescent Pink
Eyes – Hareline Double Pupil Brass Eyes – medium
Tail / palmered HackleWhiting Farms Freshwater Streamer Saddle Grizzly dyed Fluorescent Green Charteruse or Keough Dry Fly Grizzly Half Saddle
FlashSemperfli Semperflash
WireSemperfli .2mm bright gold tying wire
BucktailFluorescent Hot Pink /  Fluorescent Chartreuse
Head Cement – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 

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