Double Pupil Lead Eyes

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730018-0000
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Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes
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These eyes are made to put emphasis on the pupil. Multiple colors and sizes. 10 pieces in each pack. Colors shown as overall with iris/pupil.

Other Details

Sizes of dumbbell ends:Medium - 4.8mm; Large - 5.5mm.


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Interesting add to dumbell eyes

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I doubt it makes much difference to the fish but I really like the way these eyes look on the fly. The pupil in the middle really makes the look. Other than that these are pretty much your standard lead eyes.

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Sharp looking eyes

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

These are the only lead eyes I use. Nothing else comes close to looking as sharp as these do. Really makes a big difference to the overall appeal of your fly.

Now if JS would just please stock the Xtra-Small size!

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Great eyes !

Reviewer: from Houston, Texas

I love these eyes! Very well painted and uniform pupils. Much better quality than the single pupil eyes. The perfect way to add a nice touch to any weighted pattern.

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love it

Reviewer: from GA

These are well painted and seem to stand up well to fishing on the bottom.Ill buy more of them

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Paint on Barbell Eyes Destroyed by Rocks?

Reviewer: from Fredericksburg, VA

Sure, they look cool and impress me with their looks, but I don't believe fish will be impressed so much. I tie a lot of Clouser Deep Minnows as well as other patterns that require dumbbell eyes. Bob Clouser designed his fly to go deeply into the water where rocks abound. If the tier does not protect these painted eyes with either a two-part epoxy or UV epoxy, the rocks will soon scrape off the paint.

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