American Rooster Saddle

by: Whiting Farms | Item#: NM-630010-0000
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Whiting Farms American Rooster Saddle
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black $41.95
furnace $41.95
grizzly / chartreuse $41.95
grizzly $41.95
grizzly / yellow $41.95
natural medium dun $41.95
white / chartreuse $41.95
white $41.95
white / olive $41.95
white / red $41.95
white / yellow $41.95
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Whiting Farms is a premier producer of highest quality hackle. Whiting's American rooster saddles are mainly bred for the saltwater, streamer, steelhead and salmon fly tyer. These saddles have webby and tapered feathers, sizes 12 and larger, in a large assortment of colors and sizes. The hackle sizes are predominantly 8's and 6's, with some 10's and a small number of 12's.

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Feathers for Earrings

Reviewer: from Arcata, CA US

If you are looking to purchase long thin rooster feathers for hair extensions or earrings stay away from the "American Rooster Saddle." These feathers are thick and are only 4-7 inches long at most. They make a great background feather to make your earrings seem fuller. Besides their lack of length they are of wonderful quality and come in a variety of wonderful dyed colors.

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top quality

Reviewer: from Rehobeth, AL US

here are WAY more usable saddles on it than in an equal dollar amount of strung saddle hackles. Other great features are that the feathers are easy to match in pairs (or tris, or quads) for symmetry, seems that all the feathers from the shorter ones to the huge schlappen will be used, and the color and density are great. Also, very little of the annoying weird curves found in strung hackle which makes them useless for tails and wings. If you tie large flies for bass, esox, salt, or big trout streamers, or even traditional feather-wing streamers, this product is a good solid value. Once again, James and the Gang at J.Stockard provide a great product at an honest price.

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Hackle on a Budget

Reviewer: from Palatine, IL US

If you read my reviews, you know that I am an angler and tyer on a budget. These Whiting Farms saddles give you loads of usable feathers and the quality is well worth the price. Other high grade hackle may be required for tiny dry flys, but for overall quality hackle and a great price, Whiting Farms saddles are the way to go.

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Superior feather count and quality

Reviewer: from CA

Way more usable, and larger feathers on these skins than you can get for the same price buying strung saddles. The quality, size and length are awesome. From big dries, to steamers and saltwater, these skins will do it. And at a great price.

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Great for large flies and awesome price


This is my go-to product for large warmwater/saltwater flies. Feathers are in multiple sizes but most are long and large. I use them mostly for palmering and tailing on large streamers.

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