Ultra Thread 70 denier

by: Wapsi | Item#: TW-025070-0000
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Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 denier
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black $2.15
blue dun $2.15
burnt orange $2.15
cream $2.15
dark brown $2.15
fl. cerise $2.15
fl. chartreuse $2.15
fl. fire orange $2.15
fl. orange $2.15
fl. pink $2.15
fl. shell pink $2.15
gray brown $2.15
green olive $2.15
purple $2.15
wood duck $2.15
hopper yellow $2.15
olive brown $2.15
light olive $2.15
olive $2.15
peacock blue $2.15
red $2.15
fl. green $2.15
rusty brown $2.15
tan $2.15
white $2.15
fl. white $2.15
wine $2.15
yellow $2.15
yellow olive $2.15
fl. yellow $2.15
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Strong, smooth, flat, lightly waxed, slow building fly tying nylon thread. It has a breaking strength of about 1 lb. and is recommended for size 14 and smaller flies. Same size as Danville 6/0. 100 yd. spools.

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Good for small flies, little or no thread build up

Reviewer: from Cumming, GA US

Ultra Thread 70 denier is great for small flies. There is little or no thread build up, reducing eye crowding. Great for size #18 and smaller, especially midges, allows you to have more say so on how the body looks b/c of the low to 0 thread build up. I recomend this to anyone tying primarily #18 & smaller.

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Second To None

Reviewer: from CANON CITY, CO USA

This is the standard to which all thread should be measured. While I tend to switch to a stronger thread for some streamers, this thread is great for dry flies, nymphs, and even strong enough for most streamers.

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Converted to Danville

Reviewer: from West Valley City, UT US

The kit that I started tying with included several spools of this thread and I used to have quite a bit of trouble with fraying and breakage. I have since started using Danville 6/0 Flymaster+ instead and found it to work much better for me. I would be unlikely to go back to Ultra Thread in the 70 denier.

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One of the best threads available

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

Sits flat on the hook when you need it to and can easily cord up. Easy to split for dubbing loops and comes in a number of colors. This is the thread I usually have on my bobbin. Works well for small flies too!

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Falls apart

Reviewer: from Hudson Valley, NY

I've bought two spools of this. I usually use uni thread but I thought I would give this a try. The first spool was great and I use it regularly. The second spool gave me problems. I don't know if there was a defect but the spool began to unwind from the middle and break and fall apart.

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