Ultra GSP Thread

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Ultra GSP is stronger for its weight than steel and excellent value. 50 denier is excellent for tying small flies and a minimum of bulk. The 75 denier size and the 100 denier are all-purpose for both fresh and saltwater. 200 denier GSP is great for spinning big deer hair and other large, demanding patterns. 50 yard spools.

Other Details

50 denier: about the diameter of 12/0 thread, a breaking strength of 4 lb. 75 denier: about the diameter of 10/0 thread, breaking strength of about 6 lb. 100 denier: about the diameter of 7/0 thread, breaking strength of 8 lb. (Kevlar, by comparison, has the same breaking strength for 200 denier thread.) 200 denier: breaking strength of about 16 lb.

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STRONG! but fades

Reviewer: from Huntington, WV US

This thread is incredibly strong and great for deer/elk hair wings. You can really torque down and it wont break. The one and only problem is that the colors will dramatically fade when exposed to water and sun under normal normal fishing conditions

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Reviewer: from Missouri

I absolutely love this stuff for deer hair work, but it's so expensive compared to other thread. Tip: use something like an exacto knife to cut it cleanly...It's a pain with scissors.

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Get Veevus instead

Reviewer: from BELVIDERE, NJ USA

This used to be my thread of choice for spinning and stacking deer hair. Since discovering Veevus this stuff is obsolete. You get a lot more per spool and unlike the Veevus, this thread doesnt hold dye. It comes in different colors but the all bleed out and turn white anyway. Not a bad thread, just not as good as Veevus.

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Pound for pound the best

Reviewer: from Antonito, CO US

This thread pound for pound is the best thread for tying egg patterns on the market. You can pull as hard as you feel is necessary and this thread can take it. This is a product that every serious fly tier should have with out a bout.

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Super Strong

Reviewer: from AK

This stuff is nearly impossible to break. Great for spinning or stacking hair.

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