Football Foam Strike Indicators

by: Lightning Strike | Item#: AC-200010-0000
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Lightning Strike Football Foam Strike Indicators
quantity Color Size your price large $4.85
fl.yellow large $4.85
white large $4.85
fl.yellow medium $4.85
white medium $4.85 small $4.85
fl.yellow small $4.85
white small $4.85
bi-visible large $5.35
bi-visible medium $5.35
bi-visible small $5.35
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This is a very visible and buoyant football-shaped indicator that is easy to apply, move on the leader or remove, and it's completely reusable. The football shape reduces air resistance while casting. 4 indicators per package.

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The length of the "football" is - large: 3/4"; medium:1/2"; small: 7/16"

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Disregard Printed Instructions 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Illinois, USA

I also love the slotted football shaped indicators with surgical tubing stop. Size "small" will float a 1/100 oz micro jig fly and is small enough to be very stealthy in the white color. "Medium" is easier to see and will float high in fast water while still being small enough to be unobtrusive. However, rigging up by following the instructions printed with the package will be an exercise in frustration. Trying to pull both the leader and the tubing tight with both hands and then spin the float around them - while standing in the stream - can easily result in a lost float. Instead, I cradle the float between my first and second finger and press my thumb down on it to hold it there (all hand 1). I remove the tubing with my other hand (hand 2), and lay my leader inside the slot (using hand 2). I now have the float laying between my fingers with the leader inside it and my thumb on top of the float keeping the leader in the slot. The little piece of tubing is in my other hand. I now lay the tubing across the top of the float, on top of the slot, and trap it somewhere around the middle with the thumb of hand 1. The float is now securely in hand 1, the leader is inside the slot, and the thumb is holding the tubing down on top of the slot. Now I use my free hand (hand 2) to pinch the far end of the tubing and stretch it thin enough to slip down tight into the far end of the slot. Release it and the tubing will be inserted tightly in the end of the indicator, sticking out a little bit, and trapping the leader securely in the slot. Now take the float in your free hand (hand 2) and use hand 1 to grasp the end of the tubing that is sticking up, unsecured, from the middle of the float. Stretch it with hand 1 until it slips into the slot. As you do this, keep some tension on the leader to snug it against the bottom of the slot. Pull the tubing tight, release it, and you're ready to rock!
Sorry for the confusing instructions (its hard to write them - easier to show), but its a quick, secure method and will save you from having to watch that $1 indicator float away downstream.

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Best footbal indicator 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Bridgewater, NJ US

If you are into using strike indicators I would have to insist you look no further. I have used all of the other brands and have had the BEST results with this brand. The rubber tubing in the center is must stronger than the competitors. This indicator was fish all day in rough water and did not slip at all. others you would have to double up the line and then if you get snagges i have cut the indicator in half and now have a kink in my leader. No More. BUY THESE NOW.

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Works and stays on! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Brighton, CO US

Read the how to instructions!! Not even there on the cast. The small will keep a fairly heavy nymph off the bottom. Locks tight on fine leaders.

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My favorite heavy rig indy 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Finger Lakes, NY

Let's get something straight - there is no perfect indicator. Something is always sacrificed in order to gain something else when indy fishing (and we all know that goes for just about anything we use in fishing). However, this is my favorite heavy rig indicator, and I feel it's the best all around indy. For me, personally, it beats the thinga because I have problems with my leader cutting into the gasket after I use them for a while, which sucks, because the thingamabobber is one of the top 10 most unreasonably expensive things sold in the fly fishing world (my humble opinion! haha!). Anyway, I like the large size for heavy water, where I might be running two shot, and possibly even a bead head. They're easier on your leader, too, doing much less kinking than thinga's and air-locks. The rubber gasket is awesome to slide the indy up and down (I move A LOT when I fish, so I change the depth of my ring more times in a day than I can count). I only wish JS carried those bi-color footballs, but oh well, the yellow work well in low light (which is when I seem to do about 70% of my fishing). And good service from JS as always,

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Football Indicators 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Holland, MI US

These are pretty nice indicators. They're buoyant but the main advantage to these is the adjustability of them. All you do is twist and you can move it where ever you want. If you fish a lot of indy rigs with split shot and need an easily adjustable indicator (what nymph fisherman doesn't?)than you should try this product out.

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