UNI Mylar Double Sided Tinsel

by: UNI Products | Item#: TW-030530-0000
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UNI Products UNI Mylar Double Sided Tinsel
quantity Color Size your price
copper/blue 10 $1.85
peacock/orange 10 $1.85
red/green 10 $1.85
silver/gold 10 $1.85
copper/blue 12 $1.85
peacock/orange 12 $1.85
red/green 12 $1.85
silver/gold 12 $1.85
copper/blue 14 $1.85
peacock/orange 14 $1.85
red/green 14 $1.85
silver/gold 14 $1.85
copper/blue 16 $1.85
peacock/orange 16 $1.85
red/green 16 $1.85
silver/gold 16 $1.85
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This flat Mylar tinsel has a different color on each side. You can wind it with either side showing, depending on which color you need for a specific pattern. Sizes range from 10 (1/16") to 16 (1/64").

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Definite must have item

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

It is a good price for a great product since you do get two colors on every spool. I have purchased all three sizes in gold silver. Bright color and exactly what you would expect. I have had no problems tying with this and it does not break easily. Makes really good bodies with the larger size and great ribbing with the smaller size. I would use the size ten for wraping bodies on streamers for a smoother look.

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Very Nice

Reviewer: from Michigan

Price can't be beat for getting two colors on one spool with the beautiful colors you can get. I love the peacock, very different. This works great for cheeks on chironomids/buzzers and also for bodies on streamers or anything else you can think of. I even cut a little up to add into some homemade dubbing.

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Great addition to the bench

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I'm really liking the peacock color for a little change up on flashback nymphs. Nice to have tinsel available in a few different colors. I have no idea if it makes a difference to the fish but I like the look of it.

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Fantastic idea and great product

Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

This is a must have. You get two tinsels for one price. Just tie on the side you want to use facing down, Its also great for silver bodies with a gold tag, you can just use the one strand of tinsel. Great product and great price.

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Great product

Reviewer: from Grand Rapids, MI US

A very great product. because each side is colored different its like getting two spools for the price of one. Highly recommended!

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