UNI-Mono Fine Clear Monofilament

by: UNI Products | Item#: TW-030085-0000
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A very fine spun clear mono thread that will blend in with any color combination. 200 yd. per spool.

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Great for no thread heads

Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

I use this stuff to tie some midge patterns such as trout crack. Its fairly strong, it takes dubbing quite easily. You can wrap right over your materials as it is clear. You really have to knot this stuff at the end and i recommend varnishing it also as it is quite slick.

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I like this stuff

Reviewer: from North East Georgia

Basicallly very thin tippit. Great for ribbing czech nymphs. I bought it for furled leaders. I think it will make a good thin leader. Haven't tried making a leader with it yet so only 4 stars for now.

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Absolutly Wonderful

Reviewer: from Palm Coast, FL US

This is the ultimate for small saltawter flies. It's a must for the smaller shrimp flies tied with synthetic material (EP Fibers, DNA, etc). I do feel like I need to use a little super glue (or head cement) when securing the thread to the hook and on the finished head to make sure the fly keeps together. Altogether, it's great stuff.

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A Standard on my bench

Reviewer: from Mississauga, Ontario CA

UNI-Mono is my standard tying thread for all of my "warmwater" flies, as well as many of my larger stillwater Trout flies. Not only is it tough enough to (generally) resist breaking with my ham-fisted tying techniques, but it locks down on, and in, all of the material I can think of throwing on a hook. This compares with standard threads that hold bulky material well enough, but always seem to have trouble with synthetics. For some reason, UNI-Mono has fewer issues with its "brother plastics". I did have to develop a slight change in starting the thread on the hook, and I do have to be a bit more observant/careful when tying off, as this material likes to escape from knots. Being clear, it can show off the underlying material. It goes particularly transparent with an application of head cement, which is an effect that can be used to good advantage on some patterns. (I do wish J.S. would stock "medium" size.)

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A must have thread...

Reviewer: from Fort Myers, FL US

Use it for hi- tie Polar fibre minnows, or any other time you need your thread to be invisible. Make sure you check your knots, and use plenty on cement. Great product.

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