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Spirit River Polarfibre
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Described by some expert tyers as the best small fly fiber today. Polarfibre is a fine fur and swims like marabou.

Other Details

Each patch is 7 1/2" long x 3" wide


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Great large streamer material

Reviewer: from San Antonio, TX US

Polarfibre is the grown up cousin of craft fur. Works very well for larger streamer patterns, especially large clouser type baitfish patterns. Very easy to mix colors and has fantastic action in the water. Works very well in saltwater patterns as it is surprisingly durable.

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Spirit River vs Just Add H2O

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I ordered a bunch of these and as noted in the product's description there are two different brands being sold. Spirit River and Just Add H2O. The quality of the products are pretty similar, but the Spririt River is about half the size of the Just Add H2O. If you want more material for the same price, make sure you get the Just Add H2O.

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Great tailing material

Reviewer: from Chapin, SC US

This stuff works great as a tailing material on poppers and things like the wiggle minnow. Excellent for winging things like the gotcha and shrimp style saltwater patterns too

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saltwater flies


This is a great product if you're looking to make your typical polar fibre minnows or what we do here in Qld, Australia, a fly pattern called the polar bean, which is used very successfully on pelagics. It imparts great natural movement in the water and when fish are spooked by flashy material, this material is the go to for creating such patterns. It is worth having in the fly tying material box.

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Great stuff

Reviewer: from Ohio

This is great stuff for making triple threat minnows

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