Chernobyl Style Tapered End Foam Body Cutter

by: River Road Creations | Item#: OF-900555-0000
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River Road Creations Chernobyl Style Tapered End Foam Body Cutter
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This pattern is the king of foam flies, and these cutters will make cutting the bodies from any foam quick, accurate and easy. Made in Montana using double edge steel blades set in hardwood. The cutter set comes seated in a custom-sized matching tool caddy. The individual size cutters are special order items, allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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Best on the market

Reviewer: from Idaho

Of all of the different cutters I've used these have to be the best ones on the market today. If you take care of them they will last a long time, I've had problems with rust appearing before, but they still cut great, it never stains the foam and I've gotten years out of them. I have used these on a commercial scale cutting hundreds of foam bodies each summer with one of them and I got about 4 years out of it before it started having problems cutting foam so all in all I think they are worth a little over 10 bucks.

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Great tool, just a bit on an expensive side

Reviewer: from Ann Arbor, MI US

I have the whole set. I like it a lot - you get perfect bodies with every cut (press?). It cuts very well even through thick craft foam (6-10 mm). The only thing is that it is too expensive, alhough, on the other hand I have been using it for about two years and it stays sharp. So, I guess it was a good investment.

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Quick and Consistent

Reviewer: from Bozeman, MT

I cut about 50 bodies at a time, and this tool really helps the process. It is quick and easy to maintain consistency.

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Super Sharp

Reviewer: from Minnesota

Great tool for cutting consistent bodies and works like a champ. Not kidding when I said sharp so be careful!

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