Wabbit Synthetic Rabbit Zonker

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Color: blue dun horse
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Paul S.
Excellent for smaller streamers!...

Excellent for smaller streamers! Works like real rabbit strips but without the weight and bulk of the hide. Similarly to rabbit strips, this has fantastic action in the water with the added bonus that it sheds water easily with a back cast which reduces your flies felt weight while casting. It also has a slightly shorter fiber length than real rabbit strips which make this product really nice for smaller fly pattern applications requiring rabbit strips. This product can even be adapted for use in a dubbing loop by using the Swiss CDC clamp or Marc Petitjean magic tool. This is a super durable material that not only withstands toothy fish but also constant fishing use and abuse. This product is offered in many color options to suit many different fly patterns. This product will even take color markers well for a unique mottled look on your favorite bunny strip fly patterns.

Tying tip: Singe the end of the synthetic "hide" with a lighter to keep it from unraveling and increase the durability.
Tying a super effective (synthetic) "Bunny Leech" that works everywhere is as simple as using this product alone on your favorite hook and your thread of choice... That's it! Doesn't get much easier than that... I have personally caught over 100 fish on the same fly (I still have it too!) that is tied as simply as described above with pictures and bystander proof from fishing friends to back up my claims. Wonderful product, highly recommended!!