TP615 Trout Predator Long Hook

Size: 4/0
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Customer Reviews

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Adam B.
ultra strong, perfect proportions

absolutely love these hooks in size 1 for large trout streamers. incredibly strong; can't bend them even with heavy GSP thread under massive tension. perfect hook gap, which allows for adding more materials without crowding the gap, and also adds a great keel for jerk flies with bulky laser dub heads. it isn't too long, to the point where you worry about losing fish from the extra leverage of a long shank. it's frankly perfect. I also use the regular ahrex trout predator hook in size 2, and I really like that hook too, but the proportions on the TP615 long hook are my favorite.

at 10 for $7.95, they're ultimately a good value for a heavy predator streamer hook. I use other cheaper hooks when I'm trying out a new pattern or technique, and I use these for the patterns that I'm confident in.