Synthetic Quill Body

Color: caddis green
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Customer Reviews

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Cole S.
Really like these. Looks...

Really like these. Looks great for perdigons, and the segmentation gives a nice look. I can get around 3 flies out of one strip, and there is a bunch of strips to use!

Rob K.
Really easy to work...

Really easy to work with compared to natural quill bodies and comes in a wide range of colors. I don't find the end product quite as nice as the natural.

adam g.
I'm new to fly...

I'm new to fly tying, only about 1 month in or so. I only started fly fishing this year and i'm addicted. Once I started tying I wanted to tie the patterns I had success with during my time fishing. One of my favorites was the Mosquito pattern and so I went out of my way and bought these with only that in mind. They wrap very easily even for a beginner like myself and are an excellent alternative to Turkey biots or normal quill bodies. They have good color and a good "look" to them as quill bodies and they come in 2 sizes per package. They are all one long, uniform length, they seem very strong, and I tend to get 3-4 flies out of each strip. I'm very satisfied with them as quill bodies.