Quill Body

Color: baetis olive
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Customer Reviews

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Thomas F.
These love to split and break

I've tried soaking these with warm water and even pre-treating them with a hair conditioner before soaking for 10 minutes in warm water. These quills just keep splitting and breaking. Not a fan! Threw out the remaining quills. Not buying these again.

D N.
I have a confession...I...

I have a confession...I normally tie quill bodies, perdigons and traditional Catskill style with the Polish Quills stuff. Being that its hard to find right now, I decided to try D's Flyes and was pleasantly surprised. It holds up well, wraps nicely and the dyes produce the segmented effect that one looks for. The bonus is that its a nice value. Note to self, stop being lazy and buy a bunch of peacock eye sticks, strip them and dye 'em yourself. Or D's Flyes is a good choice, too.

Adam V.
This item is excellent...

This item is excellent for standard small dry fly and nymph bodies. It gives my flies a very natural segmentation. Remember to soak the fibers you're going to tie with in warm water for 10-15 minutes before use, or else they might break.