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James M.
I hate to admit...

I hate to admit it but I haven't given my lines the attention they need and would occasionally clean them off with a silicone-impregnated cloth. Gehrke PZ Line Cleaner made a world of difference. I simply had no idea how much "crud" had accumulated on my lines and how it "slowed them down". I recommend this product.

Michael V.
Tried this on an...

Tried this on an inexpensive non-textured line the last 10 feet of which had stopped floating long ago (making subtle takes hard to see), and in riffles it was more like 20 feet that were sinking. Also the next ~30 feet were riding so low it made line pick-up more difficult that it should have been. I cleaned the line in warm water with mild soap, rinsed it, then ran it twice through a soft bit of paper towel that had a little of the PZ Line Cleaner on it (adding a dab of new cleaner and changing the spot on the paper towel now and then). Then I ran the last ~10 feet through the PZ Line Cleaner a third time. Every time I stripped it through it took dirt off the line, so I finally stopped after three passes. (A soft cloth might work even better but I used a paper towel.)

The line then worked so well I couldn't believe it. It now floats as high as a textured line that's fresh out of the box. Excellent visibility, excellent pickup. Not sure how long the effect will last, but it was remarkable throughout the first outing, with no degradation after 6 hours of casting. The line also shoots through the guides really well now too. No oiliness or stickiness, no "slick" on the water, no detectable substance on the line's surface. Very pleased.

This stuff may or may not work on textured lines too, but it looks like I no longer need to go there to get the line performance I need. My line works better than it did when it was new. I'm ordering another bottle of the PZ Line Cleaner even though the one I have should last quite a few years. Gehrke products have always worked well for me and this one is top-drawer.