PEAK Vise Replacement Jaws

Type: midge
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Customer Reviews

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Ed S.
I finally broke down...

I finally broke down and ordered the midge jaws after having my peak vise for a couple years now. I was able to tie down to a size #20 ok with the standard jaws, but it was not as easy as it is with the midge size jaw. These do make it much easier to tie the smaller fly's. They are easy to change out, and they should last as long as the vise, and from my experience so far, is a lifetime and longer with little care. Great product from Peak.

Shane S.
I bought these jaws...

I bought these jaws along with the vise at the same time. They make tying smaller flies so much easier. Would highly recommend them to anyone that regularly ties size 16-20 flies. You won't regret getting them.

A v.
Firsr, I love my...

Firsr, I love my Peak rotary vise. Second, tying smaller flies (18 and higher) is possible with the standard jaws. However, I found myself feeling cramped for space when tying on those smaller hooks. The midge jaws have been just the solution I needed. Easy to install and great for working with tiny flies.