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Jeff D.
I did a lot...

I did a lot of research and went through a lot of vises, some costing much more then a Norvise. Purchased the Norvise a few years ago from JS along with extra spools and later ordered the midge jaws for it. This vise will spoil you whether you are a commercial tier or a occasional one. There are a lot of other things this vise can do that no other vise that I am aware of in the same price range is capable of like adding dubbing to the thread by spinning the vise. I am 77 and still tying and whip finishing by hand.I have tied a few flies in my lifetime in 35 plus years.Would highly recommend the Norvise and automatic bobbins, have 4 bobbins and about 30 extra spools with thread on them. I use it almost every day.Its fun and not a task to sit down and tie up some flies for myself or teach someone how to do it. Have a great and blessed day to all and if you get the chance go fishing.

Drew M.
I bought first Norvise...

I bought first Norvise in 1985. The jaws still function perfectly and have not worn out after 30 plus years of tying. I only bought new model last year for the new features; to have large jaws, and the tube fly jaws. Even with large jaws I can tie down to size 26 hooks. No features missing now with the new vise.

Rob C.
I love my norvise....

I love my norvise. I own several other brands but now I only use my norvise. It has improved the speed at which I tie not to mention the look of my flies.