Nano Silk Thread 18/0

Color: brick beige
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GSP fibers are quite tough and can damage edges on fine scissors and stainless bobbins. The makers recommend using a ceramic bobbin and cutting with a razor blade. This thread is very durable, however UV cure and water-based cements can be used for appearance or texture. Solvent-based glues and coatings are not recommended. This thread consists of 16 strands, each of which has a weight of about 2 denier and a breaking strength of about 2.6 oz. (75 grams). The user can split the thread into individual strands or twist any number of strands into thread. Two strands would have a weight of 4 denier and a strength of about 5 oz. Four strands would be 8 denier and 9.8 oz. Eight strands would be 15 denier and 19.6 oz. (560 grams).

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