Nano Silk Thread 18/0

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GSP fibers are quite tough and can damage edges on fine scissors and stainless bobbins. The makers recommend using a ceramic bobbin and cutting with a razor blade. This thread is very durable, however UV cure and water-based cements can be used for appearance or texture. Solvent-based glues and coatings are not recommended. This thread consists of 16 strands, each of which has a weight of about 2 denier and a breaking strength of about 2.6 oz. (75 grams). The user can split the thread into individual strands or twist any number of strands into thread. Two strands would have a weight of 4 denier and a strength of about 5 oz. Four strands would be 8 denier and 9.8 oz. Eight strands would be 15 denier and 19.6 oz. (560 grams).

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Customer Reviews

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Adam V.
This thread is super...

This thread is super fine, doesn't stack, and is stupid strong. Strongest thread out there for it's size. Nothing better to finish dries with, especially small ones. Once you start using this thread on flies (especially smaller ones) you'll never go back. You can also split this down the middle as you tie and then twist it making your own dubbing loop without actually making a dubbing loop. Couple things to watch out for, it doesn't knot as well as others so whip finish a few times, but don't worry about excessive build up. Second thing is it's so strong for it's size the smaller sizes will cut through foam if you pull hard.

I tried this on...

I tried this on a recommendation and so far I'm impressed with the strength. I have been using another brand's 18/0 and only have this in black. I'll try others now though.

This is the only...

This is the only thread I'll use to tie dry flies now, especially for the smaller dries. Very strong thread that allows you to set your material with the least amount of wraps possible. The thread is strong enough to cut right through materials if too much tension is used.