Mega Silicone Tying Pad

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremiah H.
I love this thing!...

I love this thing! It’s made very well and serves its purpose. It’s thick and has some weight to it. It doesn’t slide at all on your desk and it will catch any hooks, beads, or any other material dropped. Plus it looks cool.😎 It actually makes it easier for me to pick up some of my tools. Some of my tools like scissors and my whip finisher I would have to slide to the edge of my slick surfaced desk to pick up but when I lay them on the textured top of the mat it makes it to where I can get a grip on them. I do recommend this product.

Steven K.
I don't know who...

I don't know who likes this more, me or my wife. This pad collects all the little pieces of flash, feathers, hairs, fibers that usually end up getting brushed on to the floor. To clean up, you simply just fold it up like a taco and go dump it in the trash. The backing of this mat is pretty good at adhering to the desk and doesn't slip around. The top of the mat is great to collect trimmings and prevent tools, hooks, eyes, and beads from rolling around. A great investment for your desk.

Katelyn H.
A great addition to...

A great addition to any tying space. It keeps beads and hooks from disappearing and keeps stray hair and feathers from floating around. The back can be used to mix epoxy and the leftover peels off when dry.